Engineering Calculus Made Simple (Derivatives)

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About Course

Engineering Calculus Made Simple (Derivatives)

Learn the basics of derivatives in a clear and concise way, tailored for electrical engineering students.

This course is designed to help you understand and apply the concept of derivatives to electrical problems, without requiring you to have a deep understanding of calculus theory.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What derivatives are and how to calculate them
  • How to use derivatives to solve real-world engineering problems
  • Useful trigonometric identities
  • How to approach derivatives using limits and theorems
  • And more!

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Calculate the derivatives of basic electrical functions
  • Use derivatives to solve for voltage, current, and other electrical quantities
  • Understand the relationship between derivatives and other calculus concepts, such as limits and integrals

This course is perfect for electrical engineering students who want to learn the basics of derivatives without getting bogged down in complex calculus theory.

Enroll today and start your journey towards becoming a more proficient electrical engineer!

Benefits of learning derivatives for electrical engineering students:

  • Derivatives are essential for understanding and solving many electrical engineering problems. For example, derivatives can be used to calculate the voltage and current in circuits, the torque of a motor, and the resonant frequency of a circuit.
  • Derivatives can also be used to design new electrical components and systems. For example, derivatives can be used to design a filter that can remove noise from a signal or to design a control system that can keep a motor running at a constant speed.
  • Having a good understanding of derivatives will make you a more competitive job applicant and will make you more successful in your career as an electrical engineer.

Enroll today and start learning the basics of derivatives for electrical engineering!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Students will learn mathematical derivatives as they apply to electrical functions
  • Students will learn about limits.
  • Students will learn useful Trig Identities.
  • Students will learn the Squeeze Theorem.

Course Content

Engineering Calculus (Derivatives)

  • Introduction
  • Functions
  • Limits
  • The Derivative
  • Trig Identities
  • The Squeeze Theorem
  • The Derivative of Sin(x)
  • The Derivative of Cos(x)
  • Other Derivatives

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