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Enroll in the Office Productivity Bundle today and start your journey to a more successful and rewarding career!



The Office Productivity Bundle is a comprehensive collection of courses designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the workplace. Whether you’re an administrative assistant, project manager, or team leader, this bundle will give you the tools you need to be more effective and efficient. This Office Productivity Bundle contains the following courses:

  • Introduction Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work
  • Admin, Secretarial, & PA
  • Office and Administrative Management
  • Project Management
  • Minute Taking Course
  • Leadership & Management

What Will You Learn?

  • Office Productivity Understand and apply diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in the workplace
  • Develop and manage administrative tasks and procedures
  • Lead and manage teams effectively
  • Take and transcribe minutes accurately
  • Plan, execute, and monitor projects successfully

Course Content

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Workplace
Learn how to create a safe workplace that respects diversity, equity and inclusion in this online DEI course. In today’s global business environment, organizations that strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion are achieving intended business results. They provide proof that diversity, equity, and inclusion are much more than a legal or moral requirement; they're also a competitive advantage. This DEI course outlines the role of corporate policy in promoting cultural, racial, gender or any other differences based on identity in the workforce. Enroll to learn how to participate in constructive conversations on diversity and frame meaningful DEI strategies. Imagine that you work as part of a team with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. How can your team quickly and seamlessly embrace diversity to boost productivity and have a positive experience? What is meant by ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’? This course begins by introducing these interlinked values, commonly referred to as ‘DEI’. We show you how to stage engaging and interactive training sessions that help employees to overcome any conflict or issues arising out of differences in culture, beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds, orientation or ideologies. A positive workplace culture only focuses on performance and the right fit and accepts employees for their expertise, talent or skills. Creating a supportive corporate culture requires that employees move beyond bias and stereotyping to minimize demotivation, workplace conflict, frustration or attrition. What are some examples of biases and stereotypes? This DEI course provides case studies and explains how to overcome prejudice in the workplace. We lay out the components of an inclusive workplace to show you how to establish trust and safety for everyone in your organization. Whether you seek to initiate grassroots diversity and inclusion efforts within your company or simply wish to explore effective strategies for commencing such initiatives, the resources we've compiled are an ideal starting point. How does leadership help diversity? This course discusses the role that managers and leaders can play in championing diversity and inclusion. We provide exercises designed to help you develop empathy and compassion and promote self-awareness and thoughtful reflection in your colleagues. This course suits any professionals but is particularly helpful to managers and business owners who are responsible for providing leadership that promotes DEI values in their organization. This DEI sensitivity course provides exercises and techniques you can use to manage conflict and keep your workplace free of identity-related prejudice. Sign up to gain important contemporary skills you can use in any workplace.

  • Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Understanding Bias and Stereotypes Part 1
  • Understanding Bias and Stereotypes Part 2
  • Understanding Bias and Stereotypes Part 3
  • Creating a Safe and Inclusive Workplace Part 1
  • Creating a Safe and Inclusive Workplace Part 2
  • The Role of Leadership in DEI part 1
  • The Role of Leadership in DEI part 2
  • DEI Exercises for Workplace 1
  • DEI Exercises for Workplace 2
  • DEI Exercises for Workplace 3
  • DEI Exercises for Workplace 4
  • Conclusion and Next Steps

Admin, Secretarial, & PA
Enhance your professional skill set with our comprehensive online course designed for aspiring administrative professionals, secretaries, and personal assistants. In today's fast-paced business world, administrative roles require a diverse set of skills to thrive and succeed. Our Office Skills: Admin, Secretarial & PA (Executive PA) course equips you with the essential knowledge and abilities needed to excel in the field. Whether you're an entry-level professional seeking to kickstart your career or an experienced administrator looking to upskill, this course is your pathway to success. Discover a comprehensive and expertly designed online course crafted for individuals aiming to excel in the fields of administration, secretarial, and personal assistant roles. Through a series of eight meticulously constructed modules, this course embarks on an insightful journey - starting from a fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with these key positions, to the critical everyday tasks that keep organizations running smoothly. This extensive exploration employs a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical examples, aimed at enabling learners to relate to real-world scenarios. With the ever-increasing demand for Office Skills: Admin, Secretarial & PA (Executive PA)  in personal and professional settings, this Office Skills: Admin, Secretarial & PA (Executive PA) training aims at educating, nurturing, and upskilling individuals to stay ahead of the curve — whatever their level of expertise may be. The field of Admin, Secretarial & PA services is wide open for confident candidates with outgoing personalities and relentless attention to detail. The professional PA is the ultimate multitasker, hired to oversee the personal affairs and activities of those they support. Some secretaries and PAs handle everyday admin for established organisations, while others are hired by a single executive, entrepreneur or influential figure. Whichever path you choose, to become a trusted and respected PA or Secretary is to open the door to a world of incredible career opportunities. Success as a Admin, Secretarial & PA is as much about personal qualities and character as it is hard skills. If you consider yourself to be a responsible, hardworking people-person with excellent time management skills, you’re already halfway there. Enrol today and take the next step towards your goal.

Project Management
Beginner Level Project Management Course: Fundamentals of Project Management Welcome to Project Management Online Course. This course is designed and prepared by Xpert Learning. So why should you learn project management? First, it is a highly demanded skill, and more job opportunities will be available if you know project management. This course will provide you with excellent skills for your professional development. This might be the much-needed step for your promotion or starting a new career. Project management jobs offer higher salaries than average, according to Glassdoor, the average entry-level salary for a project manager is around $60,000. Project management skills are required in every industry, whether it is a construction software or manufacturing industry. When there is a new project, who do they need? The answer is a project manager. Your dream of becoming a project manager is one step closer. Join our world-class, popular online course and learn the skills you need to become the best project manager out there. The Project Management Online course is designed for those new to project management, veterans who want to increase their skill set or anyone who needs a refresher on the fundamentals of project management. You'll learn everything from the foundation to the latest practices of PM, and how to become a Project Manager with zero experience and some experience. Achieve your goals and master the management skills necessary to become a successful Project Manager! This course will help you understand what is a project manager entails, and provide you with the knowledge to become a successful PM. You'll get access to additional support, Q&A sessions, and lifetime access to all of the course materials. You will also receive a PDF copy of the reading materials for this course. For better understanding, the project management course has been divided into several modules. In the first module, introduction to project management, you will learn what a project is, what project management is, and who a project manager is. Module 2 includes the roles and responsibilities of a project manager. Module 3 describes the Project management life cycle. We will learn about the five phases of a project lifecycle: initiation, planning and execution, monitoring and control, and closure in modules 4 to 8. In the next module, we will learn about different knowledge areas of project management such as integration, scope, schedule, cost, quality, etc. In the final module, we will draw concluding remarks. So, what are you waiting for? let's start the course and take the next step forward with your career.

Office and Administrative Management
Office and Administrative Management online course for Mastering the Fundamentals of Office Administration The Office and Administrative Management Course Online is the perfect way to learn the skills of an effective administrator. A well-run office helps to eliminate typical errors and miscommunications. This beginner guide is everything you need to jump-start your office administrative career. The course contains 10 modules consisting of all the relevant topics which discuss your day-to-day job roles and responsibilities. You will also be provided with an Ebook(PDF) version of this course for further reading as well. Office and Administrative Management is an entry-level course for anyone interested, that refers to all official activities relating to business and Organization management. This management is about the process of planning, organizing, and controlling all the activities of an organization, as well as the function of leading or directing people to achieve the objectives and goals of that organization. The success of a company or a business largely depends on the efficiency of the office, depending on how they administer their employees, clients, and other day-to-day official activities. With this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about business etiquette, telephone skills, representing your boss and company, mail services and shipping, travel management, organising meetings and conferences, and time management. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about how to be an effective administrator in a business setting. So why wait? enrol today and start on your path to a successful career in office administration!

Minute Taking Course
Minute Taking Crash Course: Learn Minute Taking at meetings Gain the skills for Minute Taking concise and with a purpose to make your Meetings productive and successful. This Minute Taking course will help you overcome communication barriers as well as help you reach your goals during meetings. This Minute Taking Online course covers a range of different modules all designed to take you through the course step-by-step, so you can learn the art of effective minute taking. Meeting minutes serve as an official record of the event, and you have the critical role of creating them and ensuring that they are accurate. You want your notes to be clear and precise, and by delivering accurate meeting minutes you gain the perfect opportunity to shine like a star. Minute-taking is an essential part of business meetings. The minute taker must be skilled at producing clear and concise minutes to support the business and to ensure the meeting is a success. It’s extremely easy to miss out on key points during meetings. Projects often get delayed and there is scope for miscommunication across teams and departments without comprehensive knowledge about the agenda of the meeting. Meeting minutes help avoid these ambiguities by allowing employees to reference effecting meeting notes post-meetings. This training course helps you write and deliver better notes and action points for official meetings. The aim of this online training course is to provide you with effective writing and summarising tips to help you glean the relevant information from the meeting and produce professional and clear notes. One of the primary responsibilities of any administrative staff is to successfully take notes during meetings and share transcripts and key points of the same both within the team and to other relevant teams/departments. Effective Minute taking skills can be easily developed with the right training. Our meeting minute course has been designed by experienced industry veterans who have worked with multiple prestigious organizations. This course will familiarise you with the minute-taking process, including preparation, note-taking during the meeting, and producing the final Minutes document. Upon completion, you will understand the importance of minute taking and have the information you need to feel confident and capable of your ability. The course is designed for anyone who is in a secretarial or minute taking role and wants to strengthen their minute taking skills. It is also suitable for those who are starting out as a minute taker and are unsure where to begin. It will prove particularly useful if you feel anxious, confused, or simply wish to enhance your ability to effectively take notes and produce professional, comprehensive Minutes with confidence.

Leadership and Management
Leadership and Management: A Comprehensive Course to Enhance Your Leadership Skills and Management Techniques Welcome to "Leadership and Management Mastery," a comprehensive course designed to help you become an effective leader and manager. This course is the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical tips that will equip you with the tools you need to lead and manage a successful team. Leadership and management are two essential skills that are critical to the success of any organization. In this course, you will learn what defines a good leader and manager and how to recognize your personal comfort zone. You will also explore thinking styles and develop a high-performing team through employee motivation and talent management. The course covers all the crucial aspects of leadership and management, including performance management, leadership essentials, planning for succession, and business process management. You will also learn the best practices for effective communication, personal growth and development, and managing change. Throughout the course, you will be exposed to the latest theories and techniques in leadership and management, as well as practical strategies for improving your skills and performance. You will also have the opportunity to create a personal mission statement and develop a personal development plan that will help you grow and progress in your career. This course is ideal for professionals looking to enhance their leadership and management skills, as well as anyone seeking to improve their personal growth and development. With engaging video lessons, you will have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader and manager. So why wait? Enroll in this comprehensive leadership and management course today and take the first step towards developing your skills for success. Join the community of like-minded individuals who are committed to improving their leadership and management performance and achieve your full potential.

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