Web Development with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript

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About Course

Web Development with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript: Master the Essential Tools for Full-Stack Development

Become a full-stack web developer with this comprehensive course on PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.

This course is designed for beginners with zero programming experience. You will learn the essential tools and technologies you need to build modern web applications, including:

  • JavaScript: Front-end web development, client-side scripting, data types, operators, statements, loops, functions, validations, error handling, and more.
  • PHP: Variables, data types, statements, control flow statements, code development, web design, functions, advanced PHP coding, object-oriented programming (OOPs), class, methods, inheritance, polymorphism, CRUD functions, algorithms, error handling, and more.
  • MySQL: SQL installation, database, tables, SQL scripts, SQL functions, SQL statements, SQL operators, SQL joins, SQL advanced queries, timestamp, extracting timestamp, constraints, filtering data, analyzing data, grouping data, reports, and more.

You will also learn how to apply these technologies to build real-world websites and web applications.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Write clean and efficient code in PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript
  • Use object-oriented programming principles to build reusable and maintainable code
  • Design and develop database-driven web applications
  • Deploy your web applications to the real world

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners with zero programming experience
  • Anyone interested in learning web development with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript

Enroll today and start your journey to becoming a full-stack web developer!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Working on Dynamic web application coding
  • You will learn to code on Coding, Database and Front-end technology
  • Create your own stunning, layouts for awesome websites
  • Start creating web sites for business needs
  • Master client-end design using JavaScript, back-end development PHP coding with MySQL
  • Apply PHP, MySQL and JavaScript on real-world tasks
  • Create fully function web apps using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript

Course Content


  • Introduction
  • How to Ask Great Questions
  • Installing Code Editor (Sublime Text)
  • What is JavaScript
  • Hello World Program
  • Getting Output
  • Internal JavaScript
  • External JavaScript
  • Inline JavaScript
  • Async and Defer

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript Operators

JavaScript Conditional Statements

JavaScript Control Flow Statements

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Error Handling

JavaScript Client-Side Validations

PHP Introduction

PHP Basic

PHP Strings

PHP Operators

PHP Decision Making System

PHP Control Flow Statements

PHP Functions

PHP Super Globals

PHP Advanced

PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOPs)

PHP – MySQL Application (CRUD)

PHP Realword Code Forms

PHP Validations

PHP Error Handling

MySQL Introduction

MySQL Basic

MySQL Filtering Data

MySQL Functions

MySQL Joins

MySQL Advanced Commands

MySQL Structure Creation

MySQL Data Queries

MySQL Structure Queries

MySQL Constraints

MySQL Backup and Restore

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